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What is Revidox?

Revidox is a concentrated supplement for a natural chemical called resveratrol. This is naturally found in grapes, particularly red grapes, and as a result it is also found in red wine. However, it would be impossible to eat enough grapes to get any real benefit, and trying to drink that much wine would quickly prove lethal because of the alcohol. That's why the concentrated Revidox pills are by far the best way to get a good resveratrol intake. Each pill contains the same amount as forty five kilograms of red grapes or twenty four bottles of red wine, making it easy to take in quantities that would be impossible through regular diets.

Revidox is mostly sold as an anti-ageing pill, and this supposed benefit is one of its most successful selling points. Various scientific groups have found it has significant anti-ageing and life-extending effects on all kinds of creatures, including animals as different as worms, fruit flies and fish. The fish, for example, lived more than 50% longer when on Revidox, and remained much more mentally and physically active even after the time they would normally have been expected to die.

The reputed anti-ageing effects may be the biggest selling point, but there are other health benefits to recommend Revidox pills. In particular, other studies have produced evidence they can help to prevent cancer. Experiments with rats and mice have shown significant effects at preventing multiple types of cancer, including skin cancer and breast cancer.

As well as cancer, Revidox is also believed to be effective at helping to prevent heart disease. Red wine has long been known to have this effect, and resveratrol is believed to be a very important factor. Revidox supplements provide a way to take in much, much more of this substance to protect against heart disease, and to do so without the dangers to other parts of your body that an increased alcohol intake would bring.

Although those described above are the most significant advantages Revidox is claimed to have, there are a number of others, for which it either has a smaller effect or does not so far have as much evidence. These include helping to counteract the effects of diabetes, lowering blood sugar and fighting other common symptoms such as weight loss. It is also said to help keep the brain in good health. This partly ties in with the anti-ageing effects – as mentioned above, the evidence seems to suggest that it keeps the mind fit and active longer as well as the body. There is also some evidence it may help reduce the likelihood of diseases such as Alzheimer's.  Studies have suggested it can also treat inflammation and inhibit the development of at least some viral infections

Revidox is a natural supplement, and although the quantities of resveratrol are much higher than you would find in any food it is still completely safe for adults in normal circumstances. However, it is not suitable for children or pregnant women. There is also some evidence to suggest that it may interfere with some types of oral contraceptive.